Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series 1-12 PDF Free Download

In this post I am going to share with you all the books of Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. It is a series fiction genre novels written by Jeff Kinney. This series consists of total 11 books.
List of Books of the Series:
  1. Book 1: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  2. Book 2: Rodrick Rules
  3. Book 3: The Last Straw
  4. Book 4: Dog Days
  5. Book 5: The Ugly Truth
  6. Book 6: Cabin Fever
  7. Book 7: The Third Wheel
  8. Book 8: Hard Luck
  9. Book 9: The Long Haul
  10. Book 10: Old School
  11. Book 11: Double Down
Download Books:
Book 1: Diary of a Wimpy Kid.pdf
Book 2: Rodrick Rules.pdf
Book 3: The Last Straw.pdf
Book 4: Dog Days.pdf
Book 5: The Ugly Truth.pdf
Book 6: Cabin Fever.pdf
Book 7: The Third Wheel.pdf
Book 8: Hard Luck.pdf
Book 9: The Long Haul.pdf
Book 10: Old School.pdf
Book 11: Double Down.epub (pdf is not available)

Update: Book 12: The Gateway.epub


Wtf which reader should I use to read these epub books

Wtf which reader should I use to read these epub books

THanks so much, for the books i had no place to find them, ii really apreciate this, God knows if i had any money i'd buy them, but with this poverty, it's rather buy books or buy food, guess which wins every time. anyway thanks tho download the first 7 ones was really difficult, just before the download was complete it'd collapsed or something, that's why i went and got the fisrt 7 from other person, but the rest i got them from here, so i thank you for that

mmm tho it's a shame the 11 doesn't have the drawings, but i still apreciate be able to read it

It doesn't work. It freaking doesn't work! That's so annoying! I click on the link and a new page opens and there you go... it's an ad! It tells me to download some stupid app but not the book. I don't get it.

Would you mind checking the page "How to Download"?

Uttam Paul...... ooooooh thank you so much for the ebookd! I have given my friends these and they REALLY like it... courtesy of u! And all those fools saying they don't know how to download, a new page opens and u can see on the right corner that it IS AN ad and you have to skip it. Heaven knows, how I did it! Acutally, I did it without reading the How to download page. Ya'll are so dumb! P.S. I am only 10. You must be bigger than me. SHAME ON YOU!

@Ayesha Faisal U r so young only 10 and using smartphone. In this age you should go outside and play. Shame on your mom and dad who gave you phone at such a young age.

That is because her parents can afford a smartphone, sorry your parents could not afford a phone,but do not put your frustration on her parents, her parents r nice