Dork Diaries Series 11 PDF Books Free Download


excuse me....! file of "dork diaries book 10" isn't available anymore...!! so please update, miss or mister or whoever you are!! i really really really neeeeeeeeeeeeeed it..............!!!!!!!

umm... if you wouldn't mind......can you add book 12: dork diaries tales-from-a-not-so-secret-crush-catastrophe..? Your choice!

Unfortunately, the 12th book is not currently available to me. I'll surely post it if it becomes available to me.

Mr. Unknown, do I look dumb to you? Just click on the links and go along as it says! LOL.

Hey guys, when I click on book 10, it says 404 not found. Can you help?

You guys are all dumbos, not knowing how to download -_- I'm outta here!

hello how do i get superstar spectacular