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In this page you can request for a book/book series by commenting below. If you requested book is available to me, I will try to upload and post here as soon as possible.

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List of Requested Books


I need ebook for POISON OF LOVE by KR MEERA..

i need ebook for french voice in new york by anna adams and french song in new york by anna adams

I need "Premonitions" and "Disappearance" by Jude Watson

I need the "Give Yourself Goosebumps" book series by R L Stine

I need the "Sweet Valley" book series by Francine Pascal

The series has been posted.
Check it out. The Hobbit

Please get Blood Brother in the traces series by Malcolm Rose in pdf format

Sorry its not available but I can provide a link where you can read online for free.

Could u add The Scarlets by Madeleine Roux (EPUB). It is the only one that is not in The Asylum Series. Thank you for your awesome site.

I don't have it. Got one but not in English language.

Please could you add 'Home' by Stacia Kane onto this website? Thank you very much.

hi could you add hold back the dark by kay hooper thanks

Hi could you please upload department 19 series. I have the first 3 books with me and can share with you if required. Need the last 2. (Zero Hour (Department 19, Book 4) and Darkest Night (Department 19, Book 5))

Please can you post the following Ryan Graudin books:
Wolf by Wolf
Iron to Iron
Storm after Storm
All that Burns
All that Glows
The Walled City


Also could you please post all Jackie Collins books? Thanks

I need Stefan's Diaries series please in PDF file

Could you find this book Draplin Design Co.: Pretty Much Everything
by Aaron James Draplin